I knew the day would come when I’d have to find a meal that wouldn’t wreck my game plan. Today was that day.

First up was the gym. I have a 12-month subscription to the FitBod app, and I love it! I’ve been using it for a few months. Each workout session focuses on specific muscle groups and tells you the exact exercises, how much weight and how many reps. It even has video tutorials.

I want to build muscle to help me on my journey. What is this, The Bachelorette? I love that the app keeps track of which muscles are going to be sore and gives me lots of fun graphs showing my progress.

I took the kids to Carowinds water park this afternoon. Between the gym this morning and swimming pools this afternoon I figured if I had to “cheat” then I’d be OK. Turns out they had tasty fried shrimp and cole slaw.

The funny thing is my sweet tooth is definitely gone. I got a big cup of water with a tiny splash of lemonade in it and I thought it tasted like 100% lemonade. I am pretty sure the shrimp batter and cole slaw had a hint of sugar in it as well.

To me, though, the important thing is that I felt satisfied all day.