DMD is the Hubs’ term for Diet Mountain Dew, his favorite beverage. He doesn’t drink coffee and he doesn’t like the real-sugar version. No, he guzzles a lot of DMD.

Wait a second, I am cutting sugar so why not just get on that wagon and use artificial sweeteners? First, I think they taste awful. Like chalk. Second, research is mounting about the long-term damage of consuming artificial sweeteners.

More importantly for me is the idea that I’m teaching my body to make better food decisions. Feeding it something that tastes sweet undermines that idea.

There’s only one place where I know I’m getting artificial sweeteners: my protein powder. It is sickeningly sweet to me these days. However I’m not going to throw out a tub of perfectly usable protein powder (who do you think I am, the governor?). I’ve already started researching unsweetened alternatives for when it is time to re-up.