I feel like I’m in a nice groove, but I worry that I’m not hurting enough for it to work. Mornings are typically a shake: spinach, frozen fruit, almond milk. Lunch is a big salad on most days to try to meet that 2.5-cup veggie goal a day. Yesterday was Carowinds and I had to go off script a bit. Although they did have a salad bar at the dining hall, I didn’t think it was a good call since we walked so much that day. Instead I went for the beef brisket with a side of beans — hold the bun. My lunch salads are in need of some TLC. I love love love salads when I get them from other places (especially Panera’s Fuji Apple Chicken Salad or Jason’s Deli’s Nutty Mixed Up Salad). I struggle to love my homemade salads as much. I’ll go back to Pinterest for more ideas and see if I can find a solution here.