Ugh. You guys.

I am so bored of food. I need something that excites me. I think how I’ll find it is by exploring totally different food genres than I’m accustomed to. I haven’t done much in the pan-Asian genre, so I’m going to look up some recipes with more Chinese and Korean flair.

Today I grabbed one of those damn-good 4-ingredient muffins before the gym with my morning shake. Lunch was a salad (again, yawn).

Dinner was a last-minute audible. I was planning to make the potato boats, but running errands until 5:30 took baked potatoes off the table. Instead I pushed fish tacos to tonight since those are quicker to make.

I threw together a tasty slaw with slaw mix, mayo, raw apple cider vinegar, salt and pepper. The fried tilapia goes so well with that slaw, and I gave myself a break of 2 flour tortillas. The jalapeƱo was so hot I had to take it off.