I am torn. On one hand I think I should stick to the routine I’ve established and wait for the results. On the other hand I think I should push harder to see more immediate results. This is where I think all my prior dieting experiences is creating disorder. If this is truly a “lifestyle change” then I need to take little steps. But I’m also really motivated to get this weight off of me and that motivation is whispering in my ear, “go harder.”

Remember how I was saying food was so boring these days? I went to the trusty Pinterest for some inspiration, and I’m excited to see how a few of these come out. Those 4-ingredient muffins are a big hit with the Hubs and myself, so I’ll be getting the ingredients to recreate that magic.


Buffalo Chicken Meatballs

Friday: Buffalo chicken meatballs with cauliflower mash

Cauliflower mash

Saturday: Lemony chicken and broccoli skillet

Sunday: Nacho bar

Monday: Carowinds

Tuesday: Fiesta potato boats

Baked sweet potato topped with chicken, bacon, cheese and green onion

Wednesday: Wonton soup and pork tenderloin

Wonton Soup with pork tenderloin and asparagus

Thursday: Pesto scallops with butter noodles (for the fam)

Yellow lentil pasta, bay scallops, baby bella mushrooms, neighbor’s homemade pesto and shaved parmesan