I would love to tell you that I’m slowly chipping away at this girth. That despite knowing this would be a long-game, I’m getting results faster than expected.


Today was my weekly weigh-in and measurements to see progress. First of all, I usually get all bloated and gross around that time of the month, so I’m already grumpy because it is, in fact, approaching that time of the month. Second, the little voice in my head keeps telling me that it’ll be 1-2 pounds per month not per week.

Another part of me says if I’m seeing measurement results then I shouldn’t fuss as much about weight results. That would be all fine and good if I wasn’t considered obese by clinical standards. The weight has to eventually come off. Maybe I really am building muscle mass under all the fluff and I’ll start seeing results as I stick to it?

So here’s a rundown of where I measure up: