After reading “The Insulin Resistance Solution” I am rethinking a bit of my approach.

First, the idea of “slow twitch” muscles is entirely new to me. The author explains that slow twitch muscles are those that replenish energy using mitochondria so they are able to do long endurance-style behaviors for long periods of time without muscle failure. Think breathing, walking, standing, etc. The author suggests that activating those muscles open insulin receptors in the muscles more than just resistance training (which works the “fast twitch” muscles).

Activating those “slow-twitch” muscles open insulin receptors in the muscles more than just resistance training (which works “fast twitch” muscles.

The author said taking 3 brisk walks a week would activate those slow twitch muscles to fully open insulin receptors because the muscles will maintain those “open ports” for up to 48 hours after being worked. He suggested 30 minutes of “oh my gosh I’m going to be late for this appointment” speed of walking. I’m still going to hit the gym for resistance training because I’ve gotten into a nice groove with that.

The second thing that really stuck with me from my reading is that I really need to monitor my carb intake. Here comes some math! In the book he described how white bread has a total carb load of 13 grams, so a slice of white bread has a glycemic load of 100 (meaning 100%, because GL is measured against a slice of white bread). To calculate the GL of other foods, you take the total carbohydrates in grams, subtract the grams of dietary fiber (because those aren’t digestible), then calculate how it relates to white bread.

Studies have suggested that trying to stick to an average daily GL of 500 has been shown to help with weight loss and insulin resistance. So instead of doing all those calculations (who has time for that?) I decided to reverse engineer all that math. So if 13 grams is considered 100 GL, and I need to aim for around 500 GL per day, that means I need to try to keep my carbs-fiber at 13g x 5 = 65g. That’s much easier! I’m already cutting almost all “added sugars,” so now I can just keep a running tally of that 65g.

I’m already cutting almost all “added sugars,” so now I can just keep a running tally of that 65g.

The bad news is that those oatmeal “muffins” I’ve been eating for breakfast have something like 30g of total carbs because it is full of oatmeal, bananas and chocolate. Yikes, that is a big commitment for such small payoff. I’ll leave those for the fam.

Bringing Back Some Classics

One silver lining in this all is that after the library we went to Blaze Pizza for a lunch treat. Mr. Crabs, err I mean the Hubs, was trying to get out of there as cheaply as possible, but I noticed they had a cauliflower crust on the menu. Now after my cauliflower mash experience I was irrationally angry at cauliflower, but I figured if anyone would know how to do it right, it would be a tasty hipster restaurant. It added a whopping $3.50 to the price of the pizza, but I have to say it was delicious! I may have to rethink my hatred of cauliflower now.

Blaze Pizza, cauliflower crust, chicken, bacon, jalapeƱos, mozzarella and spicy red sauce

So remember how I dropped coffee? I thought I was doing fine without it, but I noticed that I was just grumpy in the mornings. Straight up grumpy. This morning I added it back. First thing I did was pour all that delicious artificial creamer down the drain. So long, love! Then I started concocting how to make this coffee tasty. What I ended up with was black coffee with half a scoop of protein powder, my Inositol, and a small splash of heavy cream. The protein powder was clumpy so I put it in my personal blender. Does anyone know what happens to hot liquid when you blend it? Well the blender made a nice froth on top and I am now a much happier person.

My new personal blender. It holds right at 12 ounces.