Cravings are under control. Cravings are under control. I feel like I need to keep telling myself that. Fake it til you make it, right? Because the one time every month that I really just want to gorge on chocolate and bread is during that time of the month.

That time for me is abnormal. At least I think so. I’m on birth control pills (because the idea of having another kid legit sends me into a panic attack). Once I finish the 3rd row of pills, I am one grumpy gus. The cravings kick in around Week 4, Day 2. The migraine arrives around Week 4 Day 3 and it stays until I literally start menstruating at Week 4 Day 5. My actual period doesn’t last for more than 24 hours or so. The doc keeps me on BCP so I get a regular period (regular meaning monthly, not “normal). 

In all my PCOS research, the pill may actually be exacerbating the problem. I’ve talked to the Hubs about getting a vasectomy so I could come off the pill. Since we don’t want more kids (correction: Hubs would always like more, but I am donezo), I would like the opportunity to come off — essentially — hormone therapy and see how it affects this game. 

But back to today.

The cravings are insane. Yesterday I gave myself a bit of a treat to take the edge off. I took Peanut to Panera Bread for lunch. Broccoli cheddar soup cup and a Fuji apple chicken salad bowl. I looked up the carb load before we went, and I’m pretty sure it was higher than it should have been (the apple chips, the sweet dressing). But boy did it hit the spot.

We went to Carowinds for the waterpark because it was the hottest day on record in Charlotte (high of 96!). The wave pool felt like bath water. I grabbed some shrimp and slaw again, which made me feel better about my veg consumption.

I wanted to treat the fam for their relative lack of whining for the menu changes lately. We made potato boats. Mine had a small baked sweet potato as the base, topped with grilled chicken, bacon and a little cheese. It was so good. The rest of the fam used Idaho baking potatoes. Sidenote: I put these in the slow cooker to “bake” all day rather than having to man the oven, but the slow cooker definitely gives potatoes a specific taste that is a little weird.

Baked sweet potato topped with chicken, bacon, cheese and green onion

Because I went small for the sweet potato I think I may have actually stayed within my carb goal for the day. I woke up this morning feeling … good. I’m excited to see where this day goes.