Wonton Soup with pork tenderloin and asparagus

Now that my reliance on processed foods and sugar has been sufficiently squashed, I feel more freedom to explore new foods and recipes. I’m still throttled a little by family preferences. For instance, the Hubs just doesn’t eat soup. Soup! I’ve been craving soup lately, and the Wonton Soup I made last night hit the spot.

I quickly pulled up Pinterest before I take Bubs to preschool camp this morning so I could put together a grocery list and menu for the next week. Here’s what I came up with. The budget is getting a little tight these days as summer activities eat away our discretionary funds. Have to keep this one lean:

Friday: Chicken potstickers and broccoli

Chicken potstickers (fam had it with a side of fried rice and a dipping sauce made of chili sauce and honey)

Saturday: Salmon and wild rice

Sunday: Frozen Pizza

Monday: Meatloaf, potatoes and green beans

Tuesday: Soft tacos (chicken, slaw, etc.)

Wednesday: Jambalaya (andouille, bell peppers, shrimp, onion, broth over rice)

Jambalaya (minus the rice)

Thursday: dinner out (taking the kids to the zoo)