I guess yesterday was the first real test of how this¬†lifestyle change is going to work once we get into the hustle and bustle of school-year life. Peanut’s school asked parents to come to a meeting to discuss the upcoming capital campaign, so the Hubs got off work a few minutes early to allow me to go solo.

The meeting was at 6 and between play dates and Bub’s nap, I didn’t have the bandwidth to put together dinner. I told Hubs to just pick up pizza on his way home, which he did. I intended to pick up something on the way home or just graze on a salad once I got home. That didn’t happen. Hubs is used to ordering a pepperoni pizza roll for me and for Peanut, since she doesn’t care for pizza sauce. He ordered one for me.


So when I got home from this meeting hungry and ready to get the kids to bed, I didn’t go into the fridge to start assembling dinner. I went to the pizza roll.

Boy did I pay for it.

The heartburn was intense and disgusting. I’ve felt bloated and out of sorts ever since. I guess that is a lesson for me: learn to plan ahead or life is going to steamroll all my progress come August.