I hit the gym on a Saturday (for the first time in at least a decade) because I was really motivated to get that “three visits in a week” badge in my FitBod app. I also took the kids with me because I’m a great wife. The Hubs got to relax in a quiet house for a couple hours, I got in a workout and the kids were entertained in the “kid gym.” A win for all.

But me.

Apparently my sneaker blew a hole in the side. It is one of those newer fancy New Balance sneakers that are basically all stretchy fabric and none of that rigid shoe casing. I didn’t really think it would affect me that much since the most rigorous thing I do in them is power walk on a treadmill. I was wrong.

I noticed my calf was feeling weird during my 15 minute warmup on the treadmill. Then I went about my routine — this visit was chest and back. Everything was going well and I didn’t think anything else of it until my foot started throbbing when I would stand and walk after sitting for a bit.

I visited my trusty medical professional (Google) and think it is most likely plantar fasciitis. I guess I may need to take it easy on the power walking, and be sure to stretch my calf muscles after doing so. I’ve been massaging the arch of my foot, which helps as well.

I also need to start wearing shoes around the house. Those hardwood floors do a number on me when standing all day. Literally, I stand almost all day. I raised my desk to standing height using some of those bed risers due to back problems after having kids, so all of my work-work is done on my feet. 

It just stinks that I’m just getting into this great habit of diet and exercise to have pesky pains in my foot.