Regardless of whether I stepped one foot into thisĀ journey, there is one thing I knew I needed to work on desperately: self care. I’ll admit I had stretched myself very thin. Bubs takes a lot of attention, constant attention. Peanut basically went from a chubby-faced kid to a teenager overnight and we are struggling as parents to parent her in a disgusting digital world. My heart ached for the local elementary school and I poured my soul into it for the past two years.

Then summer break came. I called it my Season of Rest. I no longer had a child at that elementary school and Bubs is slowly becoming more self-sufficient. There was no better time to take better care of myself than while trying to get my body back in order.

So what exactly is self care? For me it is showering at least twice a week. It is washing my face and flossing. It is wearing clothes other than workout pants and a baggy tank top. It is telling the kids (and the Hubs), “no, I don’t want to throw balls” in the backyard. I want to sit in my Happy Place and enjoy the breeze and watch the hummingbirds.

Enjoying the breeze in my Happy Place

When we returned from our beach trip I revamped my bird feeders so I could better see them from the kitchen window. I invested in some cute jewelry. I did a lot of junk purging because visual chaos causes anxiety for me. And I made a commitment to lean on Jesus when it gets hard.

Hold up, where is this post going? Yep, I 100% mean it. There is a little voice inside me that is my biggest champion, and it isn’t me. I’m learning to be still and listen for that voice. There are moments, there are days, when the isolation of staying at home with two kids really does a number on you. But I’m never alone. There are times when I am unleashing ugliness that I know isn’t healthy for anyone, and I call on Jesus for perspective. A “come to Jesus” conversation with myself.

It works every time.