I’m worried about August. I watched ‘Dr. Pimple Popper’ this morning and sipped leisurely on my spinach shake this morning and I thought about how much different summer break is from the school year. I had a few moments to myself because the kids slept in and the Hubs left for work. I didn’t have to scramble to feed myself and get everything in order for everyone’s days. No lunch packing. No scrambles to put on shoes and socks. No tracking down homework and permission slips.

Yesterday the kids had their annual well visits, then we went to the movies. By the time we got home I lost all motivation to do anything. We lounged around in the backyard and I did some light weeding (I just can’t help myself). But I was so mentally and physically exhausted that it was hard for me to rally the energy to make dinner. After a cake walk of a day I didn’t want to prepare a family meal.

So what does daily life look like when the family is pulled in 500 different directions? I talked to Peanut about packing her own lunches for this upcoming school year. She’s excited about it, and it gives me added motivation to make sure we have packable items for both her and the Hubs’ lunches. I’ve been attempting to delegate some daily responsibilities to the kids, such as feeding the pets and loading/unloading the dishwasher.

But I feel like I’m grossly unprepared for those days where we don’t get home until 5 and I just want to unleash the family on the pantry to eat Goldfish and fruit snacks while I go lie in the office in the fetal position.

Maybe a little dramatic, but I have memories from this last school year. I was completely stretched too thin and I have a hard time wrapping my head around what school year life looks like without being so consumed by PTA needs.

I want to be intentional with my time and my energy. Until I get it figured out, I’ve been rejecting all requests on me. I told a mom-friend that I couldn’t help carpool the kids to school because that is a commitment I’m just not prepared to make. I tread lightly around Peanut’s new school because I am afraid I’ll see a need and think, I can solve that problem, let me try. Our church has been gently nudging that we find our way to serve in the church community and, again, I’ve looked the other way.

It is an intentional season and if I’m going to make lasting changes I need to be sure I remain intentional.