When I made my goal of losing 50 pounds by the time I reached age 40, I didn’t really mention other milestones that will accompany that birthday. Not only will I be reaching true mid-life, but our 15th wedding anniversary is a month prior. I had already discussed (OK true story I made an ultimatum) to Hubs about making a big deal about my 40th birthday including a trip to somewhere off the continent.

I was originally envisioning Europe, but I don’t think I could leave my kids for long enough to make a European vacation enjoyable. Instead I think we’ve settled on a nonstop flight to some Caribbean island and staying at some all-inclusive resort.

Goal: get into a high waisted bikini like this one

I fully envision being at my goal weight by then, and Peanut has been asking me why I don’t have bikinis. Maybe by then I will? Let’s not kid ourselves, the deflated balloon that is my lower abdomen likely won’t perk up without medical interventions, but maybe those high waist bikinis will still be trendy in 2 years?

I need to hold on to a visual goal because it is hard rejecting former comfort foods and behaviors.

I need to hold on to a visual goal because it is hard rejecting former comfort foods and behaviors. It is hard to push that last set of tricep extensions when you just want to go take a shower.

Speaking of the Gym

Remember how I started seeing signs of plantar fasciitis because my sneakers blew a hole on the side? My new kicks came in the mail today! I’m going to break them in when we take the kids to Riverbanks Zoo this week, and I’m excited to have a fully functioning pair of shoes to activate those ‘slow twitch’ muscles.

New sneakers!

Having a kid watch area at the gym is great because it gives me the ability to work out some frustrations in a positive way, but I would like to be able to take a long walk outside of the gym. I have a form I’ve been meaning to deliver to a neighbor a block away for nearly a month now, but I just don’t go out walking because dragging the kids along is an entire operation. Not to mention the whining and complaining I have to ignore the entire time.

Peanut’s school starts back in mid-August, and Bubs goes back at the beginning of September. While the craziness of getting them ready in the mornings seem daunting, the idea of having between 4-7 hours each day to do what I need unencumbered by kids sounds simply delicious.