The upcoming week is chock full of activities that have the potential to derail menu planning. I need to be very intentional about filling the fridge and pantry with on-the-go snacks that won’t sabotage my efforts. Otherwise the criteria remain the same: $150 Walmart grocery budget that must also cover paper goods and pets. Here goes!

Friday: Pioneer Woman’s ranch-style chicken breasts and green beans [tree guys taking down 2 trees in the morning, then lunch with Hubs’ grandmother, plus getting groceries]

Pioneer Woman’s ranch-style chicken with a side of lima beans

Saturday: Chicken skewers and wild rice [community meeting and gym in the morning]

Rosemary garlic lemon chicken tenderloins and pan-fried mushrooms

Sunday: Frozen pizza (I’m going to take a stab at making cauliflower crust) [church and taking Peanut on a play date with her friend to the pool]

My attempt at cauliflower crust

Monday: Shrimp boil [gym then Carowinds in the morning, mother-in-law visiting in the afternoon]

Shrimp boil – but roasted in a sheet pan

Tuesday: Salisbury steak and roasted potatoes [consignment sale drop off in the morning, client calls]

Pioneer Woman’s salisbury steak, whiskey glazed carrots and asparagus

Wednesday: Dinner out [vet and gym in the morning, dance class and consignment sale in the evening]

Thursday: Salmon and asparagus [light rail and children’s library uptown – hopefully with friends]

We are to that magical time when almost all the non-groceries run out at the same time. This trip has to cover cat food, cat litter, dog food, toilet paper AND paper towels, so I may get in trouble with the budget. We’ll see. I use the Walmart Grocery app to add items to my list. This lets me see where I’m at budget-wise and lets me see exactly what is available at the store. It is intended for you to complete checkout and they bring groceries to your car, but I like to use my reusable shopping bags. I wish they’d combine that Walmart app (that will tell you which aisle an item is on) with the Walmart grocery app for folks like me who still want to get their own groceries.