Is it really almost August? July seemed to fly by! I think I’m almost to the end of what Pinterest can inspire in terms of dinner, so this week I’ll review what I’ve made so far and bring back a few family favorites.

I also got my hands on some Pioneer Woman shelf liners (I love some PW) so I reorganized the pantry. Now it is prettier and less chaotic, two of my favorite things!

Newly organized pantry

Friday: Leftovers

Saturday: Fiesta casserole (sub red lentil pasta and scale back on the beans)

Fiesta Casserole with red lentil pasta

Sunday: Garlic bites, baby potatoes and green beans (for lunch – we have a date at Melting Pot that night!)

Monday: Lemon chicken and broccoli skillet

Tuesday: Chicken potstickers with zucchini and hibachi salad

Wednesday: Parmesan bacon chicken and green beans

Thursday: Fish tacos (fried tilapia, slaw, tortillas)

The kids have Vacation Bible School all week in the evenings, so I’ll have to have them fed and ready before 6 p.m. This should be a great opportunity to try out intermittent fasting (and get some quality time with the Hubs each evening).