When I was struggling earlier this week, wondering if I’d see results and getting frustrated, my first thought after that pity storm wasn’t “let me go try on dresses.” Because we all know that when you’re not feeling yourself you don’t go stand under a fluorescent light and squeeze that body into different outfits. 

But that’s what I did today.

I have been getting really irritated at the kids for being kids. The crazy, jump on furniture, throw toys, fight and yell kind of kids. I needed a break. So I made plans with another mom friend to drop our kids off at this drop-in daycare called Kid Time. You pay by the hour for however long you want your kids to be there and you go do stuff.

Shopping with my mom friend!

We chose to walk around the shopping center and shop. First stop was Target. It was absolute heaven to wander the aisles of Target without kids moaning about being tired of walking and without kids thinking it is hilarious to hide in clothing racks. Beautiful heaven. Of course, being the ever-doting mom almost all of the items I purchased were for the kids, but the act of selecting those items without distraction was delicious.

Next we stopped at Uptown Cheapskate. It is a consignment store for adults owned by the same company that runs Kid to Kid, the consignment store I love for, well, the kids. I had mentioned to my Mom Friend that we have a date night coming up over the weekend, and she found a cute red lace dress. I found a few other things and went to the dreaded dressing room to try them on. Yes, there were a few things that were blurg but there were also a lot of things that were ooh!

My torso doesn’t protrude nearly as much as it used to, making snugger tops more flattering. The boobs are still massive, but having something that sits closer on the waist made for a nice shape. Not bad, mama. I bought that red dress.

We returned to our kids about 3 hours later fully restored and ready to get back to mothering. We took the crew to Viva Chicken, which was delicious! I had a quarter roasted chicken with the soup and ginger green beans. I’ll have to remember that because they were tasty!

My weekly weigh in and measurements are tomorrow and I’m excited to see what they say.