When I look back over the past month, it is easy to think that I am attempting all these life changes all across my life and it can’t possibly be sustainable. But that’s not where I am.

There is a huge sense of peace that I didn’t have in June, and that peace is motivating me to keep going. James Clear says it takes more than 2 months (66 days) of a new behavior before it becomes automatic (read: becomes habit). I am sitting at day 37 ready to charge into the last 30. Luckily most of those 30 days will still be during summer break, so it is my hope that I can commit these changes to muscle memory before the Busy Season returns.

James Clear says it takes more than 2 months (66 days) of a new behavior before it becomes automatic.

I’m sitting at the halfway point of Habit examining what I am adding to my life, and what I am removing:


Goodbye, Gluten

Not only is it typically found in high GI foods, but it causes me gut distress. If I do eat it, it is in small amounts.


Goodbye, Sugars

Added sugars are gone almost entirely. I’m keeping my carb load (total carbs – dietary fiber) to around 65g per day.


So Long, Gravy Biscuits

Eating as a coping mechanism isn’t healthy and derails my progress. I’m replacing it with prayer and Pinterest.


Later, Chemicals

Getting back to nature means my beloved coffee creamer is out. It also means I’ve committed to only using my aluminum-free deodorant.


Hello, Exercise

I aim to go to the gym 3 times a week, and on the other days I stay on my feet around the house and as I’m out and about.


Sup, Mom Tone

Yelling doesn’t put any of us in a good place. I’m actively channeling only-child parenting voice to rein in calm.


Howdy, Soap

I don’t deny myself basic self care in the name of serving my family (or my community, or whoever else needs something).


Hi, Honesty

I’m working on being honest with my family, my friends and my work clients. Honest about my needs and wants, and honest about my limitations.