Staying on track 99% of the time makes that 1% so much sweeter – literally.

Last night was a perfect storm for Hubs and I. The church associated with Bubs’ preschool had a VBS for ages 4 to 5th grade, which meant BOTH kids were able to go. It runs each night from 6-8:30 and they feed them dinner. All for a total of $25. For both of them. $25. I’m still amazed.

Date night with Hubs!

But last night also just happened to be the final day of Queen’s Feast, AKA Charlotte Restaurant Week, in which our fanciest eateries offer prix fix menus to entice you to come back for their normal fare. It is basically the only way I can get dates to the classy places. HA!

Hubs and I picked The Melting Pot because I’ve never been, and I’ve heard at least 2 decades worth of rave reviews about it. I knew I was going to eat myself stupid because it was all of my favorite foods prepared in delicious ways by me at the table.

First course was a cheese course. We picked the “loaded baked potato” cheese fondue, which was basically broth, cheese, tiny chunks of potato, bacon, green onions and a “green goddess” dip. Hubs focused on the bread chunks and I went to town on the broccoli and cauliflower (yes, cauliflower — I too am shocked). Next came a salad course. I chose the caesar salad that was surprisingly sweet (in a good way). Apparently pine nuts are like little candied nuts there? Who knew? Not me!

The third course was the entree. Hubs went for a trio of beef. I went for a signature collection that had filet mignon, some kind of crusted steak, chicken, shrimp and salmon. There was an assortment of dipping sauces as well. Clean plate club!

Piece de resistance: chocolate fondue at The Melting Pot

But the final course was the piece de resistance. Chocolate course. I knew this one was going to murder me. Straight up dead murdered. And boy howdy did it. We opted for the classic chocolate fondue, which was chocolate and chunky peanut butter. They brought dippers like brownies, blondies, pound cake, strawberries (that were so ripe they fell off the fork), bananas, krispy treats and waffles. ImagineĀ that scene from “When Harry Met Sally.” That was me last night eating that chocolate fondue.

We picked up our happy and tired kids afterward, then after they were in bed we made out on the couch like true middle-aged married people before I went up for an early bedtime.

If I were ever going to enjoy that sugary sugar, a long-awaited date night with Hubs is the place for it. I’m hoping I can get back on track this week with gym visits and usual daily food so that by next weekend I can still see some results. But if there are no results this week I’m going to give myself a break.