I’m feeling a little more comfortable in creating dinners that are low carb and high veg. I guess 6 weeks of Pinterest dinners trained me well LOL. Here’s what’s on the docket for this upcoming week. This is likely the last grocery run that will include dog food. After Wednesday’s incident we’ve decided to rehome our doggo. I’m sad, but I think she’ll be happier in a home without kids getting in her face. So back to the grocery list:

Friday: Nacho Bar while we watch¬†Descendants 3 premiere — Peanut is chomping at the bit to see this

Saturday: Hamburger sliders. I got an idea to take my favorite burger (a swiss mushroom burger) and alter it so that the mushrooms are the buns. Maybe whip up a garlic aioli (fancy talk for putting homemade garlic paste in some mayo). The fam will still get hamburger buns because they hate mushrooms.

Sunday: Pizza bar, with my attempt at making another cauliflower crust using what I learned the first round.

Monday: Keto chicken bake

Tuesday: Neighborhood event with free BBQ

Wednesday: Fish tacos with slaw

Thursday: Hibachi Chicken with Fried Rice