In some ways this week was a great success. In other ways it was not successful. Somehow I managed to lose a couple pounds despite heading into¬†that time of the month. But my stress level was through the roof this week, and I have a nagging headache on the entire left side of my head that hasn’t abated in almost 24 hours. It isn’t migraine strength, but I’m wondering if I’ve caught a head cold or sinus infection.

I was up a lot last night praying that one of the families we’ve found to rehome our dog will work out. We are taking her to meet a friend today to see how she will interact with their cat and their home. If it isn’t a good fit, there is an older couple in a neighborhood nearby with a fenced yard and a beagle that also sounds like it could work well. I’m just ready for this part to be done. I’d grown attached to that goofball, and although I’m not writing notes about running away I am processing the emotions of having to say goodbye.

But back to my physical progress. Here are today’s measurements: