The last week has been bad. Not only is it that time, but Bubs went into a rage vortex and Peanut is, I believe, on the cusp of her own monthly visitor. The stress of all the things I’ve already shared ad nauseum have caused a canker sore and a back ache.

But I’m leaving that in the yesterdays.

Ever the problem-solver, I hit rock bottom yesterday and became determined to pull myself out of it. Those around me may not want to help, but I can only control myself and my reactions. It reminds me of that idea of being a boat floating in the sea, and without an anchor you can be tossed and turned. I can’t control the sea but I can control whether I drop anchor.

Plus I can physically see the manifestations of carrying around too much stress and anxiety so I am more determined than ever to knock it off.

Verse of the Day


Official Gym Derp

During my last visit to the gym I decided to try out the sauna. I didn’t really know what to expect because I’ve only ever done a steam room before. First of all it is really dry heat. Duh. But I wasn’t expecting the skin just below my nostrils to sting basically immediately. I went for a nip of water and — of course — it went down the wrong pipe and I started convulsing and coughing. There were 4-5 other women in there being really chill and relaxing, so my derp-fest was incredibly embarrassing. I had to leave.

My official time tally for the sauna was approximately 2 minutes. The bonus was that once I left the gym felt extra cool and refreshing, so maybe that’s why people do it?