Peanut goes back to school today. Not just any school either. A new school. A new middle school. A new-to-her charter middle school. We went to open house yesterday and she knows only one kid in her class, and that’s only because he was on her soccer team a few seasons ago.

She’s excited, and I’m excited to see how she does in this new environment. Pray for us, though because: middle school.

So the menu planning gets a little more regimented now that summer is officially over. I don’t really count Bubs’ summer because he’s 4 and every day is a vacation for him. I’ve also gotten used to the idea of altering dinners slightly for my dietary restrictions while still having complete meals that the fam enjoys. Here’s what I have planned for this week’s grocery trip:

Friday: Pizza bar (premade crusts for the fam and cauliflower crust for me)

Saturday: Roasted salmon and potatoes

Sunday: Dinner out (trying to get back into the routine of me not cooking on Sundays)

Monday: lemon chicken asparagus bake

Tuesday: Philly cheesesteaks and green beans

Wednesday: Tilapia fish tacos

Thursday: Slow cooker BBQ and mac


I need to be sure to have on hand lunch materials for 5 days of packing for both Peanut and Hubs. This week I’ll make sure to have plenty deli turkey and provolone, apples, Cheese Nips and trail mix. We always have PBJ materials on hand, as well as things like pretzel sticks and granola bars.


I need to start getting ready-to-eat breakfast goodies for the fam. I’m thinking of crescent roll tubes that I can bake easily in the mornings, and more of those oatmeal muffins for myself. I know protein-rich breakfasts are touted all over Pinterest and low-carb blogs, but if there is one time of day when I really just want a hit of carbs it is breakfast. The fam is the same way. Sometimes the kids ask for cheese eggs in the morning, but for the most part all of us reach for the easy carb hit. I’ve figured out how to make mine less of a glycemic hit (like how I sound so expertly there?) but they still need that quick energy to get out the door.