It feels like everything on Pinterest is the same these days. Once you have a handful of recipes under your belt it is almost like a template you can’t escape from. It is either “sheet pan bake” this or “freezer casserole” that.

I’m bored.

When looking for a spark of inspiration I’ve started branching out on my own. When I was big into PTA there was a teacher with gluten sensitivities and another with gluten and dairy allergies. Parents would bring in these totally disgusting cookies for the Christmas cookie exchange and I just kept thinking that they were so fixated on what they couldn’t feed those teachers that they lost sight of the millions of things they could feed those teachers. So while some were donating these homemade gluten-free blobs they called cookies, I made chocolate covered strawberries for one and allergen-free chocolate bars for the other.

I feel like that’s where I am right now. By focusing so much on what I’m trying to shave away I’m getting tunnel vision and forgetting that there is a plethora of other foods I could explore. Instead of searching Pinterest for “low carb” or “Paleo” or “PCOS friendly” recipes, I think I’ll start looking through my Pioneer Woman recipe books and finding ways to make her stuff carb-friendly.

scavenger dinner victory: shrimp, cauliflower, broccoli and mushroom stir fry

For instance the other day I executed a great scavenger dinner. Hubs wanted to pick up pizza from a family-favorite, Due Amicis, and I didn’t want a wheat bomb floating through my gut. Instead I dug through the freezer and the veg drawer and threw together a stir fry that was the bomb. It inspired me to throw together other random ingredients using cooking methods and flavor profiles I know work well.

I learned that I don’t need to “rice” cauliflower to make it more palatable. I can just throw it in  a stir fry. The texture is much less off-putting when you eat it as an honest piece of cauliflower rather than trying to make it mimic rice.

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