It is the last week of summer. Starting after Labor Day, Bubs goes back to preschool Tuesday-Friday mornings. Hubs and I were sitting in the living room last night after the kids were in bed and he asked me, “What can I do to make you happy?” It’s a great question, but hard to answer. I could have answered things like helping around the house or supporting my parenting, but those are all boilerplate answers. They don’t really get to the root of what causes discontent.

I thought back to the day and what made me truly happy. Hubs took the kids to the library and I spent the few hours they were gone attacking a patch of stubborn English ivy in a garden bed and along a privacy fence. It was drizzling and mild, which was perfect because we are in the dog days of summer and I hate overheating. I also love to work in my flower patches, and I know the kids enjoy the library. It seemed to be a perfect mix. But it all came down to him seeing that I needed a moment of peace, which boiled down to his ability to empathize with me.

I’d mentioned this the other day, about how knowing that he can see the frustration of parenting on a daily basis, and how it was such a game-changer that he could acknowledge that it isn’t just me whining. But actually taking action to help solve it, to be a real tag-team partner in this game, that made all the difference. So I told him as much: the fact that you’ve been able to empathize with me over the past few weeks has made all the difference.

Now it doesn’t mean I’m going to be happy every day. But it does help me maintain contentment when the storms come. I think that is important to note: no one is supposed to be happy all the time. I think it is much more healthy to consider that when stress comes along you’re able to handle it and find your contentment.

With that said, I’m fully committed to getting back on track with meals and exercise. Here’s a look at this week’s dinners:

Sunday: Lemon chicken pasta, a family favorite and request from the kids. I’ll roast some broccoli and omit the pasta from mine.

Monday: Spaghetti with meatballs – I’m going to roast zucchini boats to hold my meatball gravy.

Tuesday: Chicken stir fry with cauliflower (curriculum night means I’ll have to make this early and leave it with the Hubs and kids to eat)

Wednesday: Nacho bar (I loved the chicken broccoli nachos the other week and want to recreate it)

Thursday: Chicken nuggets and mac (another school parent meeting night so I had to make this one fam friendly)

Friday: Pork chops and rice (roasted sweet potato for me)

Saturday: Personal pizzas – another go at cauliflower crust!