I need my fitness app to accurately display muscle recovery after pulling a patch of ivy. My hamstrings were tight for days after fighting that mess over the weekend. Or perhaps my fitness app could accurately show the calorie burn from raking gum tree balls from the grass or picking out quack grass from flower beds. Ooh! Or perhaps it log the exertion from fighting a Lady Banks rose out of the surrounding shrubs and trees.

I can tell you one thing though: I can spend hours in the yard doing hard manual labor, break a sweat and keep going way harder than I can at the gym. I think it is that idea that you’ve accomplished something when you’re done. I can look at the patch of decimated ivy, wipe my brow and pat myself on the back. I can scrape the dirt out from under my nails and drink my lemon water knowing the aches mean the gardens are one step closer to awesome.

Lowes sees me. I know because I just got their circular in the mail touting cheap mulch and fall flowers. I know what I’ll be doing over Labor Day weekend! LOL