Bubs starts preschool after Labor Day, so it is officially back-to-school time! I had Peanut sit down with him and make a list of the things he likes to eat for lunch. They came up with 4 things (insert eye roll). Here’s a look at what I have on the docket for the coming week:

Friday: Pineapple pork chops. Not sure how I’ll do this, but it will likely involve a pineapple salsa type of topping on pan-grilled pork with a side of rice. I think I’ll do a baked sweet potato for mine.

Saturday: Last minute family gathering and the kids want to camp in the back yard. We already have the s’more gear, so I’ll switch out the original plan (pizza bar) for hot dogs with chili and some chips.

Sunday: Pizza bar (pepperoni or cheese pizzas for the fam – buffalo chicken on cauliflower crust for me)

Monday: Labor Day so the entire fam is home all day. Hubs likes to cook so I’ll get him some meat to play with. Perhaps sliders with fries for the fam and skip the bun for me and do some zucchini fries for me.

Tuesday: First day with both of them in school. Mama’s mailing it in! Frozen lasagna and salads for all.

Wednesday:┬áCoconut shrimp and rice (fam) and quinoa (me). Since the kids will likely balk at shrimp, they’ll likely be eating PBJs this night.

Thursday: Chicken and broccoli with mac and cheese. If they’re smart they’ll mix it all together!