I’ve learned very quickly this week that when 75% of the humans in this home require packed lunches that I can’t just plan for dinners when I make the grocery list. I need to be sure that I not only get raw materials to make lunch entrees, but the massive amounts of snacks and sides that fuel these kids through their days. It took me about an hour this morning to come up with the plan for the upcoming week, so I’ll just dive right in.

(I’m still trying to stay in the $150 per week budget and my dietary suggestions)

Friday Lunch: Pepperoni pasta salad (cold pasta tossed with shredded cheese, olive oil and pepperoni chunks)

Friday Dinner: Pioneer woman garlic chops and green beans

Pioneer Woman’s garlic pork chops with a side of brown rice, quinoa and asparagus

Saturday Lunch: Chicken nuggets and chips for the fam, chicken salad and fruit for me

Saturday Dinner: Spaghetti and meatballs for the fam, zucchini boats for me

Sunday Lunch: Leftovers / scavenge

Sunday Dinner: Pioneer woman chicken apricot paninis

My all-time favorite sandwich: grainy bread, apple slices, brie and turkey. Raspberry vinaigrette as a dressing

Monday Lunch: Sandwiches and fruit

Monday Dinner: Pioneer woman fried chicken tacos with spanish rice (side of guac for me instead)

Tuesday Lunch: Leftover chicken with chips and salsa

roasted cauliflower nachos – surprisingly not bad

Tuesday Dinner: Hamburger sliders and fries (no bun for me, sauteed mushrooms on the side)

Wednesday Lunch: Pasta salad, cucumbers and ranch

Wednesday Dinner: Pioneer Woman ranch-style chicken with new potatoes (going to attempt sweet potato fries again for me)

Thursday Lunch: Leftover chicken

Thursday Dinner: Jambalaya and Cajun asparagus