Hubs and I wanted to watch something different last night, and we landed on this show called “Salt Fat Acid Heat” on Netflix. We watched the “Fat” episode, which centered around this author exploring the rich fats native to northern Italy. I was blown away.

Now when they sipped olive oil straight from the press I wasn’t intrigued, but once they started showing how Parmesan is made and how these artisans butcher hogs to create these amazing charcuterie dishes, I was mesmerized. Then this nonna takes fresh eggs and created these amazing noodles.

When it was all done I was in a tizzy. First, I feel like I need to plan a trip to Europe and eat a lot. But it also got me thinking about how we, as Americans, don’t really know what we’re missing. We’ve become so reliant on the processed and pre-made products we can pick up and prepare quickly that the art of fresh ingredients is lost.

It has inspired me.

What would our lives look like if we really paid attention to the ingrendients we used? How would we enjoy a meal with authentic flavors, not the artificial ones they add to make it seem more like the original products?

I’m afraid my grocery budget won’t be able to handle gourmet ingredients for every meal, but I am inspired to try to remove all the artificial mess.