I entered this week fully committed to getting back into good habits. I started back to the gym and I scaled back on my high GI foods. Maybe it is that beginning-of-the-year cootie swap, or maybe I’m just having a hard time getting back into a groove. Over the summer it was relatively easy to set my mind on making good choices. This week I’ve struggled, even with good options directly in front of me I’ve craved the sugars.

So at this fork in the hand, err I mean fork in the road, where I can choose between making healthy meal choices or going for the quick, the easy and the high GI, I’ve been leaning toward the high GI. I think that perhaps I’ve unintentionally scaled my caloric intake too much and my body is just craving food in general. Remember how I mentions a while back that when I’m in the zone doing work or a project that I just don’t recognize hunger cues? Perhaps I’m skipping over times when it would be good to get some food in me, then grabbing whatever is easiest once I hit the hunger wall?

I’m not really sure, but now that everything has started to settle in I’d like to really focus on making those good choices and making them stick.

I was worried that I was on a nasty plateau in terms of progress, but I got a welcome surprise on the scale this morning. Maybe I’m not doing so bad after all?