I said I would return to Zumba, and I did. I didn’t stand in the back either. I stood right in the middle behind the instructor so I could follow her moves more closely. I also positioned myself in such a way that I couldn’t see myself in the wall mirror because of the stereo system.

I grooved. I moved. And now I’m done with that.

I released a lot of the tension that was preventing me from wiggling all my bits, and I was able to stay in rhythm with the quick steps and gyrations. I even stayed for the full hour. But with that full hour I just don’t feel like it was a workout.

If I’m going to take time away from all the other things I could be doing, I want it to feel like it took effort. When I left Zumba I was a little sweaty, but I didn’t ache. If anything, I just had ringing in my ears because of the loud music. I asked Hubs if he thought I would be a complete dork if I wore ear plugs to the next class, then I thought about how I really have no motivation to keep going to those classes. I think my stint with Zumba is done.

Starting next week I’m going back to the routine that worked well for me over the summer: 3 days a week of warm-up cardio then 30 minutes of weight training. We may actually get some fall weather soon, so I am excited to add in some walks around the neighborhood on my “off” days.