We seem to be living through endless summer. Fall technically started a week ago, but we’re staring at yet another week of mid-90s highs, so I’ve got the soup recipes tucked away for a bit longer. After my tantrum yesterday I’m more motivated than ever to establish those lifestyle habits that are going to ultimately lead me to success. I’m convinced the problem is primarily hormonal. I’m almost to that time of the month again, and for the past few months I’ve merely plateaued during that lead-up week. I’m predicting big numbers at the next weigh-in.

Here’s what is on the docket for meals this week:

Friday dinner: chicken potstickers and rice (which is becoming Hubs’ favorite)

Saturday lunch: Hubs birthday lunch of hot dogs and Pringles. (I had my hot dog without a bun on a bed of slaw and chili)

Saturday dinner: Jet’s Detroit-style deep dish for the fam. I stir fried some fresh shrimp and broccoli

shrimp and broccoli stir fry

Sunday lunch: sandwiches and chips for the fam. Scavenger salad for me

Sunday dinner: Pork tenderloin and mac (broccoli salad for me)

Monday lunches: leftovers / pasta salad

Monday dinner: nuggets and chips for the fam (it is a busy afternoon), blackened tilapia tacos for me

Tuesday lunches: sandwiches and fruit

Tuesday dinner: hamburger sliders and fries

Wednesday lunches: soup and crackers

Wednesday dinner: firecracker chicken and rice

Thursday lunches: leftovers

Thursday dinner: jambalaya (using a shrimp stock I made from the shells over the weekend)