I decided, for some unknown reason, that it would be fun today to live-blog the entire day through Instagram story. It started off super humble-braggy with my cute coffee mug sitting on the Keurig and all the junk I’m able to get done while the kids are still sleeping. Then after all of them are at school and work, I headed to the gym. I was looking forward to the workout since I got such a good burn from leg day a day earlier. Leg day would have been two days earlier, but remember that whole gym watch lady disappearance threw a wrench in plans.

But this time Bubs had preschool, so I was not dependent upon the appearance or disappearance of said commercial babysitter. I get to work warming up on a treadmill. Six minutes in and I get a call from a number I don’t recognize. Send it straight to voicemail because I basically only accept phone calls from one person. Check the voicemail and it is Peanut. She’s been dress-coded for wearing jeggings with a shirt that doesn’t go to mid-thigh. I promptly hop off the treadmill to the house for a different pant option that won’t get her in trouble, then head to her school to deliver said pants. She’s obviously mortified. I get it. She got herself dressed this morning and didn’t even consider that folks may think her pants are too tight. She wore stuff like that daily at her last school and no one said a word. But here they did, and it is in her permanent file *dun dun DUN*.

After all that nonsense I lost all motivation to workout. Instead I called a friend and chatted, which was good for the soul. Got some work done and started to get hungry. There is nothing easy for me in the pantry. Nothing easy in the fridge. I had packed all the leftovers for the other 3 humans, so unless I was willing to cook a protein from scratch or eat peanut butter pretzel bites, I was out of luck. Almost mindlessly I went to Taco Bell on the way to pick up Bubs.

What a mistake. The drive-thru was taking forever and I had to gorge on my terrible food choice as I drove to the preschool and sat in the parking lot. Really classy. Almost immediate heartburn and regret. Did I mention it is literally 95 degrees outside?

So we get home and I’m in bad shape. Not only did I not work out, but I put complete trash in my body again. Again. Come ON! Get it TOGETHER! The migraine keeps peeking around my eye and I try to take a quick nap on the couch while Bubs watches TV. Bad idea because boys literally can’t sit still for more than 5 minutes.

I had a promising client call after I picked up Peanut, one that could have been a big job for me. After a solid hour on the phone, it seems more likely to be a very small job that may require a lot of hand-holding. Le sigh. By this point I’m completely deflated. But I must press on. It is too hot to grill outside, so I pull out the cast iron grill pan and cook some beef sliders for dinner. I smoked up the entire house. 

Then my period started. This past week has felt like it was slowly building to a painful crescendo. I can only hope that today was the peak. The period usually marks the end of the migraine, but this migraine has been hanging around far longer than usual. I just really want to tap out. Workouts, meals, work, parenting. It is hard.

I think I’m going to devote tomorrow’s preschool morning to getting back on a good path, and I think it starts with a chick flick and a good cathartic cry.