Weigh in day. After the past couple I was really nervous about stepping on the scale this morning. But it was good! 

How can that be? The universe thwarted three different workouts this week (lack of child care, dress coding and then the gutter cleaning service that required I be home Friday). And while I’d like to think I got back on track with meals, I also gave myself a lot of leeway this week. There’s only one thing it can be. One thing that can control so much of how my body responds to stress, responds to food and has, to date, made this aspect of my life pretty frustrating:


Because of course it is hormones. It was a revelation when it hit me. That crescendo of nasty is 100% related to my monthly hormone cycle and literally as soon as my period starts I get relief. How stupid is that? Earlier this week I was motivated to do nothing and by the end of the week I have zero cravings and motivation (read: energy) to take on new projects.

For someone who likes to be in control, it is incredibly humbling to see just what an effect hormones can have on me. I just have to go along for the ride.