The high yesterday was 70. It is FINALLY fall. I obviously went through the Starbucks drive-thru for a PSL because I’m basic. Then I researched low-carb pumpkin muffins. I landed on this recipe, which promised to be “delicious” and “healthy.” The only issue was that on the last instruction it says “texture improves when they reach room temperature.”

Um no.

If I’m going to eat a delicious scratchmade muffin, I’m going to burn the roof of my mouth eating it straight out of the oven. Thanks.

So I made tweaks. I have no clue what the original recipe would have tasted like, but this is the first baked good I enjoyed without saying this would have definitely been better with all purpose flour. First I tackled the texture issue by adding a dollop of cream cheese to the center for creaminess and toasted walnuts on top for crunch. Then I added some salt, because WHY do these health people insist on not adding any salt to their recipes? Don’t they know fat and salt are how we taste flavor? Come ON!

The original recipe called for stevia liquid. I’d never used this, but when I was at the store shopping for it I read the ingredient list. The first ingredient wasn’t stevia extract, it was something called erythritol. What is that? I googled it as I stood in the aisle. One of the first blurbs that appears is “side effects typically include digestive problems and diarrhea.” No thanks. I found this bottle of something called “apple sugar.” It is just super concentrated apple juice and it touts being a third of the glycemic load of table sugar. I got that instead.

Anyway, I’ve had one of these muffins so far (and yes, I scorched the top of my mouth) and they are very tasty. The best part? NET 6 CARBS.

Edit: Once these muffins are cold they get weird with the lack of sugar. Either reheat in the oven (I use foil cupcake liners so microwave is a no-no) or I edited the recipe to 2 Tbsp apple sugar rather than 2 tsp. That bumped up the net carbs to 8g per muffin — still totally doable!