Peanut had a day off from school, but Bubs still had preschool. This doesn’t happen often, so I knew we would need to take advantage of the quality time together that morning. Since I’m actively trying to be sure I make it to the gym three times a week, this presented quite the challenge. I decided to do an at-home workout using my FitBod app and suggested body weight exercises before everyone woke up.

I thought it would be an easier operation than the weight training I’ve been doing at the gym. Holy moly was I wrong. The workout consisted of basically three exercises: walking lunges, tricep dips and “supermans.” Walking lunges may not seem like a big deal, but after finishing my sets that morning I was sweating. Like sweating. Today my butt is throbbing.

I guess my main takeaway is not to sleep on bodyweight exercises. It is also good to know I can squeeze those in on the days that the gym doesn’t work out.

Head Games

I’ve gotten into my own head that I’m to the point in this journey that it is going to get hard to push through a plateau in weight loss. I’ve already had the setbacks of hormonal instability, and I seem to be stuck at the 15-pound hurdle. I was excited about 15 pounds, but when I look at myself in photos — which I’ve been actively trying to do more often these days — I still am really just disappointed in how much different I look in reality compared to in my head.

Here’s a photo from yesterday. It is a beautiful photo. The kids are beautiful. The scenery is beautiful. I’m wearing a super cute outfit and have my face paint, err makeup, on. But I can’t help but look at the giant tire in the folds of the denim shirt. I want that gone.

I guess what I’m really saying is I want visible results, not just ones I can measure in private using my sewing tape.