I think I’ve officially plateaued. I’m doing what has worked for the past two months and it just isn’t working anymore. I don’t really know what else to say about it. Because of early progress I’m still on target for making my eventual goal, but I’m already bracing for the day when that little blue line crosses the little red line.

I’m not happy about it.

I can admit to myself some of the things that probably contributed this week. On Wednesday I had Peanut all morning and I went for a Starbucks coffee (an unusual 2nd for the day) and slice of banana walnut bread, then lunch at Tacos 4 Life before picking up Bubs. Yesterday I was struggling to keep moving so I dipped into Hubs’ wheat thins. I also wasn’t able to get to the gym but twice (remember the infamous walking lunges?).

So I guess I need to lean in harder. My paying workload is light right now so I’ll make a goal of getting exercise 5 out of 7 days of the week. I’ll also drop the carb snacks. I really want to start seeing results again, and I wasn’t expecting to have such a struggle so early. Look at that chart. I still have years of fighting and I’m already hitting a wall?