I haven’t shared my week in meal planning recently. I guess, much like my weight plateau, I haven’t been as diligent about providing updates for my 10 readers (LOL). But seriously, I appreciate the moral and spiritual support from every single one of you, and I’m not doing any of this for fame and fortune.

Now that the weather has turned from mid-90s to mid-40s in less than 4 weeks, it is quickly time to transition into cold weather foods. Namely: soups. SOUP SOUP SOUP. Probably my favorite meal premise. Throw anything together with some broth and let’s party.

This weekend I made a tasty “Keto taco soup” in my slow cooker. Needed more heat, but they do recommend topping with jalapenos. I added a can of corn because I wanted more vegetable substance to the soup. I guess corn should really be considered a grain, but the crunch was a nice addition.

Slow cooker taco soup

Perhaps my favorite soup to date is a chicken and wild rice concoction Hubs helped me whip up. I didn’t do the slow cooker on this one — instead I used my big dutch oven and simmered it sweetly one afternoon as it rained.

I think the thing I like most about soups, beside them sliding down my gullet like warm and welcoming elixers, is the idea that I can really cut the carbs almost entirely and be satisfied when I eat in soup form. It is really easy to add back some grains with a bread or cracker or tortilla chip delivery device, but I don’t need it to enjoy the soup.

As this arctic blast comes through I think the next on my list of soups is a good broccoli cheddar. Then perhaps a veggie chili?