I’m going to try a little experiment. See, eating “low carb” is easy if all you do is fill your belly with fat. But is that really a good habit to form? Nah. One of my biggest challenges is motivating myself to eat more fruits and vegetables. I am just naturally drawn to cheese or chicken.

I’m still readingĀ Atomic Habits and hang on this idea of being very clear with the habits you’re trying to establish. The book discusses attaching it to a cue you experience every day. So here is what I’m going to try:

When I feel the desire to eat, I must first eat a fruit or vegetable.

Seems simple enough, right? I’m hoping so. I even made a cute little graphic for my fridge to remind me.

I am pretty good about staying away from the cookies and the candy and the crackers now. This is the next 1% improvement that I’m hoping (hypothesizing?) will boost my trajectory for long-term success.

I put my new plan into action this morning. As I was about to heat up the last of my Pioneer Woman grits leftover from dinner a few days ago, I scavenged the fridge for a fruit or vegetable. I found some ragtag asaparagus hanging out in the back, honestly right on the edge of no return. So I quickly steamed a handful of them with a touch of butter, salt and pepper. They actually complemented my grits, so overall a fulfilling meal.

Sidenote: I can’t find anything that definitively says whether grits can be considered whole grain. They are similar to wheat germ, in that grits are the tiny baby plant in a corn kernel. But I guess nutritionists don’t really focus on regional favorites? Until I read otherwise, I’m considering grits to be a whole grain, so there.