There’s a lot of talk about how there are likely many people walking around shedding this coronavirus without knowing it. They’re asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic or whatever other label they’ve created. 

The family has been in this house for 4 consecutive weeks. Hubs has ventured out twice: both for fast food drive-thru. Otherwise I’ve been designated as the tribute. I get groceries. I run errands. I am around people.

When this lockdown first started I was getting right into that favorite time of the month and with that came, I thought, a low-grade fever. It happens and I didn’t think much about it. Then I checked a week later. Still 99.6. Weird. Maybe the thermometer is broken? I checked the kids’ temperatures. 98.6. Hmm. A week later: 99.6. 

 In the back of my head I’m fighting back those thoughts that maybe I’m one of those people who have this virus and could be sharing it with my sheltered family. But there are no aches — other than that creaky knee and years worth of lower back pain. There are some boogers that are readily answered by pollen counts. No cough.

What gives?

I picked the brain of my knowledgeable nurse mother-in-law. She thinks it is nothing. Some people just run hot, just like some people run cold. But I haven’t always been a degree warmer than normal. I look up psychogenic fevers. Basically being under stress can cause elevated body temperatures, but I’m not under stress. In fact I think this may be the least stressed I’ve ever been in my adult life. There are studies discussing low-grade chronic fevers associated with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. That doesn’t make sense either. Then, on a whim, I research low-grade fevers in folks with PCOS.


Yep. PCOS causes chronic inflammation and that inflammation can result in a chronic low-grade fever.

It’s like every time I try to abandon my fighting corner against PCOS, the universe plops me right back in it. Today is the first day I’m attempting the 16-8 intermittent fasting experiment. I’m an hour away from breakfast and my daily cup of coffee. 

I guess I’m back in the game.