The hardest part is that wait for breakfast. I wake up between 5:30-6 a.m. every day naturally — no alarm clock. I don’t get hungry until around 8. My stomach is angry by 9. I have to find things to do around the house to take my mind off eating. Around 9:45 I start looking for what I’m going to eat and start prepping the coffee maker. If those 4 hours in the morning could be easier, I could make a real go of this.

Day 2 went really well. Breakfast was so satisfying: another egg muffin and coffee. I’ll probably do that again today since I have one English muffin left. Lunch was a couple of cucumber boats with canned tuna, then the pasta Bubs didn’t eat for lunch. Dinner was chicken tacos. By the time Hubs came downstairs from work ready for dinner I was savoring some of the leftover peach cobbler. He joked that I only had 30 minutes left in my food window for the day before he realized that I ate without him and was almost done with dessert.

The low-grade fever is still gone and those 5 never-before-seen pounds I put on are gone. I don’t know if it can be attributed to this fasting experiment, but let’s just say it is so I can count it as a little win.