Days 4 and 5. The mornings are the hardest. I caught myself at least 3 times this morning trying to justify at least having a cup of coffee. How is it I am struggling and it hasn’t even been a week?

Last night Hubs had his head against my stomach and heard it churning. I had given up my nightcap of warm milk, and he was stunned.

Is this experiment going to have any positive results? It is almost like this stupid lockdown in that I want to have a hint at what the future holds if I stay the course. I think back to the only other place I’ve even heard the phrase¬†fasting. Of course it is in the Bible, and it is used as a tool to reject physical needs to build reliance on spiritual fulfillment. So maybe I’m going about this all wrong. Instead of grumbling each morning because my stomach is hangry, perhaps I’m supposed to focus on something more noble. Or maybe just focus on the grumblies.

Honestly I don’t know. We are approaching¬†that time again, and I know those pesky hormones are doing a number on me. If I can stick it out for a week, maybe just MAYBE I’ll feel differently. You know, once the hormone fog has cleared.