I was starting to get the hang of starving each morning. Really, that’s what it was. I decided I needed to read more on exactly how intermittent fasting worked so I could explain to myself why I was putting myself through that every morning.

The best laymen’s version I can come up with is that the human body runs off the food it consumed for about 12 hours from the last bite. Then it starts tapping its fat stores to power the ship until it gets food again. So the thought is that by fasting for 16 hours, you’re giving yourself a solid 4 hours or so of fat burning.

I was right. I was literally starving each morning.

That’s a little dramatic. But it did help me power through the past few mornings. That is, until the migraine hit. It was a migraine I’ve only seen maybe 4 times a year. It started on Monday afternoon and it didn’t go away until I hit it with Excedrin Migraine on midday Wednesday. That means Tuesday and Wednesday morning I went for the coffee first thing because, if you’ve ever had a migraine you probably know this, but migraines don’t sleep. You wake up in the middle of the night and it is still there. Makes for crap sleep.

So I broke my fasts a little early this week.

I can tell that getting into the swing of IF can tamp down apetite. I’m looking forward to getting into a good rhythm now that Aunt Flow is leaving town.