My vitals look good. I’m down a pound (8 pounds since my “rock bottom”) since my last weigh in. I’ve been actively tracking all sorts of health metrics to make sure I’m making good choices for my body.

Blood Pressure: Looking Better

Ever since Bubs was born I’ve had higher blood pressure readings. My primary care physician told me to take note of the “slightly elevated” blood pressure for the past few years — and by elevated I mean 130/85ish. Good would be anything below 120/80. Then at the Blood Donor Rejection Bus a couple weeks ago my blood pressure was ringing up as 137/85. I just refuse to have high blood pressure. Refuse.

So I bought myself a blood pressure cuff so I could keep an eye on it at home. It has hovered right around normal, including this morning’s reading of 116/81. I consider that to be a success in my book, but I’m still going to keep an eye on it.

I wonder how going into a medical facility will play into the readings? I know when Bubs was smaller my stress levels were off the charts. I’ve been much more intentional with mindfulness, especially when I get frustrated and am not able to just escape the situation.

Heart Rate: Meh

So at the Blood Donor Rejection Bus, my heart rate wouldn’t get below 105. That really threw me, especially after sitting still for 5 minutes and still registering so high. Turns out maybe I really was just stressed by being in a very small, confined space with a stranger during a pandemic.

I got myself a FitBit Inspire HR while I was ordering my blood pressure cuff. This thing is awesome. Not only do I get immediate feedback on my heartrate, but I wear it to bed and it tracks how well I’m sleeping. 

So my resting heart rate, according to this FitBit, is 73. But in the FitBit app it says that I’m borderline “poor” heart health. Rude. Maybe it is because, like I told the Reject Bus Attendant, my heart races during physical activity. During one of my 2-mile morning walks my heart rate got into the 150s going up a tricky hill.

I’m not really sure how I can improve upon that, since I’ve always been this way, weight or not.

BMI: Obese

Have you seen a Body Mass Index (BMI) chart? I literally do not stand a chance. I was 150 pounds in 9th grade. That was on the high range of “normal.” Keep in mind I was TINY and I played soccer 7 days a week. Like, you could see my clavicle and the bones pointing out from my pelvis. So now I’m sitting firmly in the OBESE section knowing that even if I get to the lightest I’ve ever been in my adult life that I’ll still be considered overweight by that chart. Have you seen the latest “most likely to have a bad reaction to coronavirus” list? Folks over 30 BMI are on it. Crap.

Getting comfortably into the “overweight” range is still a great goal for me.

Bottom Line: Like James Clear said in Atomic Habits, making a 1% improvement every day makes a big difference in the long run. I’m going to celebrate that pound lost, even if it might just be the difference between pre- and post- morning constitutional.