For the first time in my adult life this “lifestyle change” is easy. Hubs asked what makes it so much different this time? First, I think I am truly motivated on a core level. Second, I honestly think I found the right combination of supplements that kill my hunger cues.

See, I can’t do intuitive eating because PCOS causes appetite-related hormones to go wonky. So I researched what nutrients my body may be missing — or those that could help me get back into balance. I landed on quite a few resources that mentioned Chromium. I decided to give it a try. Here’s what my morning cocktail of supplements look like:

Well killing the constant hunger pangs means it is significantly easier to hit that 1,250-1,550 calorie mark each day. In fact many days I have to be aware of going under my target and being sure I feed myself enough good food that day.

How is it working out for me?

Well I really started scaling this sand dune at the beginning of May weighing 232 pounds. Nine weeks later I’m down 12 pounds. I’m currently outpacing my weekly goal of 1 pound lost. I’m not sure how long the current trend will last, but it is very encouraging.

I also started my period yesterday. While I had a nagging headache, it wasn’t nearly as bad as the migraines I’ve had in months before.

Above all, I’m trying to make sure that I feed myself good food each day. It just makes me feel better, and it keeps the mood swings at bay.

Up the sand dune we go!