Last summer I got back from the beach and “pulled a Poppi.” Early in our marriage, my father-in-law would bring the same book to the family beach trip and read it. It was a diet book. He insisted that when he returned he was going to start this diet.

Every year.

So after seeing that photo of me last summer during our family beach trip, I came back ready to get my life on track. And for the most part I did. I scraped and dug my heels in and got down to 207 pounds in November 2019, then plateau’d and started rebounding. Remember this chart?

It looks more like this…

If I am really going to get to my goals I need to see where I went off the rails and address it. Upon self-reflection I have two main sources of conflict that caused me to fail (because that upward slope is failure, AKA falling down the sand dune, AKA yo-yo dieting at its worst). Here is what I must address:


  1. Stress. When the school year starts and all its activities and shuttling and errands, I am not able to cook good food. If I get hangry while stressed and I don’t have food ready to feed my body, I will reach for whatever is convenient. There’s no amount of willpower that will overcompensate for a poor environment. I need to set myself up to succeed.
  2. Priorities. If I continue to prioritize my obligations to others over my obligations to myself and my health, my health will continue to suffer. I can’t skip my morning walk because I need to pack lunches. I can’t dig into cheese crackers as I pick up the kids from school because I spent my school time fulfilling client requests.

It is easy to talk a big game during the summer. Heck, I did it before. I had myself on a nice pace, then school-year life hit and knocked me right off my routine.

I’m going to attempt a new strategy. I’m going to start using my time during the summer as if it were already the school year. The biggest change means I spend Sunday in the kitchen. If I can get in the habit of meal prepping for the week, I can keep good food in my family’s bellies for the entire week. I could even get the kids involved (although TBH being in the kitchen is a way to get a breather from kid activities).

I’ll keep you posted on the kinds of prep I’ve jumped into! Coming soon!