I’ve hit a bit of a plateau. It isn’t completely remarkable yet and it is completely attributable. Namely, I stopped losing that 1 pound a week as PMS started. I fully expect that once Aunt Flow has had her way with me that I’ll be back on track with little alterations to the current track. But still it causes me to think that I need to have a contingency plan for if (when?) I really plateau.

I look at this through the lens of lifestyle change being intervention. Right now we are truly in the low-intervention stage. I am monitoring my calories and carb intake. I try to walk a few miles at least 3 times a week. But I’m not doing weight-bearing exercises. I’m allowing up to 100g of carbs, when really I should be aiming for 60-75g.

My thought, at least for now, is that if I truly hit a plateau that I can’t attribute to vacation or period weight gain, perhaps I’ll just ¬†add an intervention to kickstart my system.

I’m also mentally preparing myself for my body to go into complete rebellion once I get close to 200 again. It wants to stay that size and I need to get my battle plan together to force the line.