Ever since I gave birth I’ve looked like a deflated balloon. The massive pregnant belly just had a baby removed from it and everything else just dropped. 


I didn’t even know the name for it until I went into a Google rabbit hole trying to figure out if I could ever rid myself of it. It has a name: pannus stomach or mother’s apron or my personal favorite: fanny pack.

A lot of overweight people have it. It is that literal fold of fat that flops over your undies. For some people it can go down to their knees. Mine folds over my underwear by about 2 inches.

I am convinced it will never go away. I was blessed/cursed with a non-existent butt, so when I wear bathing suit bottoms the cheek side is droopy and the front side tries to go over the pannus stomach fold, creating a peekaboo effect right at my pubic hair. It is hideous. I stick mostly to swim skirts these days.

Unless I can address this apron belly. But how?

So clearly losing some weight will have an effect on my abdomen fat composition. But I think it goes beyond that for me. I think some of it is just excess skin. There is no exercise in the world that can rid you of excess skin.

I clearly don’t want to have a surgery to remove this flap. In come the fitness gurus who tout core exercises and aerobic activity. Thanks Captain Obvious.

Am I doomed to forever have this flap? Even if I get to my goal weight, will the skin forever hang as a testament to my journey?