I remember seeing previews months ago for the Amy Schumer rom-com ‘I Feel Pretty.’ It looked humerous, but almost like a female version of ‘Shallow Hal.’ I was hesitant to watch it because I didn’t want the message to be “oh just wear cuter stuff and makeup and be a boss!” Then I saw that Aidy Bryant was in the cast and that convinced me to give it a try.

I was pleasantly surprised.

It all starts with Amy Schumer’s character Renee and her tiny basement office and cute apartment. She goes to one of those hip cycling places and doesn’t fit in at all. She comes home after work, slips off these giant heels so you see her height shrink against her apartment wall, then strips off her work clothes to show a bra and compression bottoms. She stands and looks in the mirror with a very familiar pain in her eyes.

Then in a direct reference to the classic ‘Big’ she makes a wish during a storm that she would be beautiful. The next time she goes to that cycling class she hits her head in a complete slapstick comedy way. Tra la la! Now she thinks she is the hottest thing in the world.

This is where the movie starts to get painful. All these “truly” beautiful people are giving her side-eye because she’s flaunting herself across the city and at work. She hooks up with this guy from the dry cleaners who may honestly be the best written male in rom-com history because he shows just how tender and sensitive men can actually be in a really endearing way.

All the extra details about her working at a NY-based cosmetics company are really irrelevant.

I love that the “beautiful” people aren’t demonized in the movie. I love that they didn’t actually change Renee’s appearance during her injury-induced confidence phase. I love that she finally came to terms with the idea that her self worth and concept of beauty was truly within her power the entire time. I’m not going to lie, I shed a few tears at the end when she came to that realization.

Anyway, it is on Hulu right now. Give it a watch.