Let’s Talk About Fasting Labs

I went in for my annual physical last week and the results of my fasting blood labs came back this morning. Nothing truly surprising here, but I did want to walk through them because they give a good picture of my current health and where I need to improve.


Blood Pressure: 110/80

I was a little surprised by this one since I had used my at-home BP cuff and gotten a higher number that morning.


Weight 220.6

So with clothes on I’m 2 pounds heavier than my scale at home. I’m still solidly in the “obese” category, which my online lab results be sure to label out as a health condition. Is that rude? 


Cholesterol: 180



This one is often associated with diabetes, and it measures the sugar in the blood over the past 3 months. Mine is in the normal range, saying that I don’t have diabetes.


LDL: 97

LDL is the bad cholesterol, and mine is on the top end of normal.



White blood cells fight infection. Red blood cells carry oxygen.


Sodium and Potasium


Calcium and Protein


CO2, BUN and Creatinine


Thyroid Function


Kidney & Liver Function


Triglycerides: 149

This one came in at the top of the normal range. When you eat more calories than you need, the body converts them into triglycerides for fat storage. Eek


HDL: 53

This is the good cholesterol, and I’m running low but still in the normal range. Having low HDL is often a sign of metabolic issues.


Basophils: 1%

Basophils are a type of WBC involved in allergy response. Apparently I was in an active allergic response.


Glucose: 109

This was a fasting lab draw, so glucose levels after having fasted for over 12 hours should have been under 100. This is a sign of prediabetes. My estimated average glucose is 103, which is still over the threshold.

I’m waiting for my doctor to interpret my results and tell me I’m fat and at risk of diabetes. LOL

I’m not sure if I’m completely alarmed by the elevated glucose levels. The day before, our daughter made dinner (pancakes and bacon) and since I almost never have white flour anymore I assume my glucose would have shown lower had I been vigilant with my current lifestyle choices.

Overall I’m taking this blood work as a success. I’m doing OK in a lot of areas, and I know where I need to put in more work.

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